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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Top Five Biggest Oil Companies 28 April 2016

Oil companies. No matter what they say, as a general rule of thumb, oil company is the definition of bad (along with climate change, coal factories, coral bleaching, floods, droughts, collapse of the ecosystem, carbon dioxide, etc).  Today, we’re looking at the five biggest oil companies in the world, and we’re trying to break down what they advertise on their website to find the controversial aspects of the company right on their website, something they probably don’t want you to do. The five largest oil companies, smallest to largest are as follows: Petrochina, ExxonMobil, Iranian Oil Company, Gazprom, and Saudi Aramco. These five companies crank out millions of oil barrels per day, and at some point, that’s hard to cover up.


Recommend us for a Ted Talk 25 April 2016

Want to help Two Green Leaves? We want to do a Ted Talk about climate  change, and we need your help. To do a Ted Talk, you have to be recommended, so that’s where you come in: Go to and fill out the speaker recommendation forum. Unfortunately, on the forum, they ask for a lot of information, so here is so here is some information that may not be common knowledge:

Join our Social Movement 23 April 2016

We are trying to start a social movement. To help, please download and print this file and write what you are doing to help stop climate change. Next, take a picture of yourself holding the sign and upload it to your favorite social media with the tag line: #istopclimatechange Finally, let us know by comment or by clicking "Contact Us" and help spread the word!

Earth Day at Duniway 23 April 2016

     In fifth grade Jeremy and I both went to Duniway Elementary School and today we came back there to speak about climate change directly to the kids and their parents. Jeremy and I had two big projects that we brought there and both were duable for students and kids.

My Interview with Charlie and Jeremy 21 April 2016

     My name is Atticus Tong and I’m 10 years old. I learn Chinese at The International School. I could have learned Spanish or Japanese but I choose Chinese because my mom is Chinese. In 5th grade you go on something called Capstone. Capstone is a trip to a country where the language you are studying is spoken. A few weeks ago I came back from China. In China we went to Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi’an and Beijing. In Suzhou I stayed with a family for a week and went to school with their son. My favorite thing was the terracotta warriors because I’ve never seen so many statues before and that they represented a big part of Chinese history. The thing I didn't like about China was the pollution, we had to wear masks many times because of the smog.