Two Green Leaves

Climate Change from the Affected Generation

How I Can Help

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a party there is a cake? A big chocolate cake that says: Happy birthday Fred! At the end of the party, the cake is gone. Why? Because everyone took a piece of cake. It doesn't matter how big or small because the cake is gone. Now let's imagine that the cake is made of carbon dioxide. If everyone takes a piece of cake, that big lump of coal is gone and won't be released into the atmosphere. Here are some ways to eat your piece of cake: 

1.Use CFL 12 lightbulbs

2.Use cold water to wash your clothes

3.Install solar panels or get your energy from a solar farm

4.At maximum, your shower should only take five minutes

5.Get a modern toilet that saves water

6.Get a small compost bin in your kitchen

7.Turn down your thermostat when you're sleeping or when you're not at home

8.Get educated about climate change

9.Recycle and compost as much as possible

10.Drive at the speed limit

11.Turn off the lights when you're not using them

12.Put hay or other insulants in your walls and in your roof to decrease the amount of energy you use to heat your house

13.Eat fewer hamburgers or become vegetarian

14.Don't Flash your lights on and off because every time you do the amount of energy it takes to turn on a light is equivalent to five seconds of continuous use

15.Buy storm windows to trap heat better leading to less of an energy usage

For a more top-down approach:

1. Join a local climate organization 

2. Get the word out or educate others through a blog, newspaper, social media or word of mouth

3. Join local protests or rallies to make a difference and get inspired

4. Lobby in your state's capital to pass a climate law such as SB1574

5. Vote. Vote for a politician who will work for climate action and progress