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A Persuasive Piece 13 March 2015 | Posted in News

Energy isn’t a big problem because energy doesn’t cost that much, and most people don’t think of the effects the energy we have can do and is doing. There are multiple different choices we could be doing and I’ll give most people the benefit of the doubt saying that people never thought much about it, and never knew much about it, yet after reading my Persuasive piece it might be harder to.

I’ll try and start off with the energy we have now. And no I won’t sugarcoat it. Over twenty two percent of portland’s energy comes from coal. So pretty much one fourth. Thirty five percent comes from purchased energy which does include some from the Hoover dam yet a lot comes from coal so twenty two percent is really a lot more the Portland General electric won’t show on their website. Eighteen percent comes from natural gas which contains a lot of methane (methane is twenty times more potent than Carbon Dioxide which comes from coal). All in all forty percent comes from things it shouldn't and definitely  more from Portland's bought energy meaning over half.

 You wouldn’t need that much green energy if you had a small electricity to start with though? Well it turns out the average school in Oregon isn’t doing extremely clean. However Oregon is about medium on BTUs and is about medium on the Square foot list and same with heating and other priorities. With these few categories it adds up to about 80,452.7 BTUs for an average Duniway (BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is equal to 1055 joules so in other words we’re using 84,877,598.5 joules. Wow).

If Duniway decided to go solar (which is definitely possible) then energy cost would decrease fairly dramatically and we’d obviously be greener. Companies aren’t that scarce either, in the spring my family has decided to get solar panels and it isn’t that absurd because schools have done this, and one school got their electricity bill down to free.

Free is a very good price but that’s far harder to do, so another option (besides very realistic solar panels) is to buy Duniways electricity from solar and wind farms for a four extra dollars per month for a house and maybe a little more for a school. You might not like this idea as much because this doesn’t pay off unlike solar panels would do, making Duniway clean but with a different approach.

There are multiple companies available online and to save you the hassle of finding them Solarcity is the one I’d recommend. There is also Wholesale Solar which I wouldn’t recommend as much, however solar panels are solar panels and it’s always cool when you see your electricity dial spin backwards with the extra electricity you’re creating above you just feeding into the grid for surrounding houses to use your clean energy when you don’t need it.

What about the money though? Sure Solar panels would pay off pretty fast and then just be saving money, but that initial payment and the other alternative of the little over four dollars a month we’d don’t really want any hassle or toughness of the clean energy solution so we always have the idea of starting a donation classroom to classroom. The cancer donation got over two thousand dollars so making the school have solar panels could really spark some money and people would feel green putting in their green.

Light bulbs can make electricity not as much depending on how efficient the light bulbs are, for instance CFLs are more efficient than incandescents, and to boot people making incandescents make them last shorter so we can buy them more and more often, however CFLs can also add ten years more of use, meaning the more constant changing will decrease saving Duniway Elementary even more money. As you probably guessed LEDs last even longer than CFLs and incandescents and LEDs are much more energy efficient which on Earth day you can learn more about. Incandescents have been around since 1839 so in conclusion, they’re outdated, and we should change.

I’m really hoping that people take this into consideration and not just as a “good idea”. Solar panels are possible and I know I keep saying that but I don’t want solar panels as the overachiever version of clean energy. Sure you could buy clean energy for more money a month, but to make energy cheaper would mean a little more money for other things. School lunch, better classrooms, and to be even more clean maybe some new light bulbs to boot!

~ Charlie Abrams

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