Two Green Leaves

Climate Change from the Affected Generation

A Climate Change Poem 3 March 2015 | Posted in News

So pretty much how I got to writing this was that we were writing poems about our dreams of the future and my dream was obviously about climate change so click read more for the poem...

The washing machine rumbles.
The computer sleeps.
The coffee is poured
in a styrofoam cup.

The trash can is filled
up to the brim.
One half recycling
the other one trash.

The furnace shakes,
warming the house.
The outlets are filled
with a set of wires.

The TV blares
with no one watching.
The shower sprinkles
an hour a day.

The ice starts melting
filling the sea.
The coral is bleached
and doesn’t come back.

Lighting and thunder
fills the sky.
The hurricane comes
and wipes houses away.

The sun shines
for a month nonstop.
The flowers wither
and our lips become cracked.

We see a large wave
coming our way.
Our house becomes flooded
and we live on a boat.

All seems lost
with no hope in the air.
When the flood clears up
and the ground is dry,
we find some spare wood
and we build a house.

With solar panels on the roof
along with some grass.
We line the walls
with sweet smelling hay.

We add a water bin
to collect the rain.
Why not a toilet
that saves half the water?

When the house is done
we stand back and admire our work.
But then we notice
that the house is not painted.
So we get out our brushes
and paint the house green.


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