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Lobbying In DC With Citizens Climate Lobby 17 June 2017 | Posted in News

     Yesterday I got back from a week long trip on the other side of the country. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity in the sense that Citizens Climate Lobby or CCL raised over one thousand dollars for us to go there. Both Jeremy and I have lobbied in Oregon’s capital Salem multiple times, however, this was our first time lobbying in Washington DC where it can make the largest impact.

Lobbying in Washington DC

     Our first day in DC was pretty mellow going to conferences, learning lobby strategies, and meeting a lot of climate activists from all across America. However, one thing I will remember forever is one of the bigger meetings we went to, held all the people from CCL in one room. That’s over 1,300 people! Now seeing 1,300 people isn’t that impressive but when each person there as a climate activist, with a reason, with a purpose, and with hope that is amazing to watch. Jeremy and I obviously stood out from the crowd, since most people there were at least above 60 and the only youth we saw were each other. Luckily this type of standing out was a good thing since we got singled out by many people part of different organizations, asking us things ranging from, “Do you want my business card?” to “Do you want to be in my new movie?”. We had the privilege to speak to the CCL Donor Lunch and met some really inspiring people there as well.

     While the public speaking, the people, and the conferences were great, the best part by far was lobby day. Lobbying was an unforgettable experience since it didn’t compare at all to lobbying in Salem. In Salem sometimes it would end up with three people in a group including me, however, in DC we had nine people in most of our groups. I feel like this led to more chaotic meetings, however, I can’t say any got too out of hand. I spoke with Rep. Defazio, Rep. Rosen, and Rep. Blumenauer, and I wasn’t unhappy with how any of the meetings went.

     Meeting new climate activists expanded our wide-ranging community, the conference inspired us to lobby, and lobbying was an unforgettable experience. I can’t thank Citizens Climate Lobby enough for raising 1,000 dollars, and I can’t thank enough the volunteers at CCL either for making the whole trip unbelievable. Now back at my home in Portland Oregon I can’t wait to go back next year…

~Charlie Abrams

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