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How School Testing Correlates To Americas 250th Coal Plant Retiring 30 April 2017 | Posted in News

     I saw a video posted by Mark Rober explaining that the school system and how they make you learn, is screwed up. He did an interesting experiment with the goal being to get people to code, so they thought. The goal was actually to see how people perform better with different types of 'coaching' or notifications, so each time you answered a question or task wrong, it'd either subtract 5 points if you got test A, or say "Try Again" if you got test B. Our schools are based around the idea that each question if wrong gives your score fewer points; which in the study performed the worst.

     The reason I'm bringing this up is because one of my teachers has a book of all the answers to every question in the textbook no matter how long because she has been doing the same thing for years and years, so if I told her to completely redo the way she grades she wouldn't take me seriously. If I showed her the statistics, that people that get told to try again instead of subtracting 5 points and tying again score higher on tests she still wouldn't change, even though she knows that the other way might be better or more effective.

     The same was with coal plants until now. However, I do not mean that all coal plants have said, "Yeah you win, renewable energy is a smarter, healthier, and now a more affordable option" but America just retired its 250th coal powered power plant, and that's a pretty big milestone. Not only that but in 2016 coal-fired power plants under development had a 48% drop in pre-construction activity, a 19% drop in ongoing construction, a 62% drop in the starting of construction, and even a 29% drop in completed projects.

     While these are all huge milestones for this country, especially with a trump presidency, it shows that progress can always be made and that at this rate we have more than a chance at fighting climate change, we have an opportunity, and we need to take that before it's lost.

~ Charlie Abrams

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