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#SalmonOnSquare 30 September 2015 | Posted in News

     To rise awareness, Two Green Leaves and our friends at Oregon Climate our going to make a salmon that in all will have 10,000 16 inch by 16 inch pieces of cardboard, or at least thats our goal. This hopefully will be the biggest salmon in Oregon in history.

     It's simple if you want to join in, by getting or buying your own piece of cardboard you can color it any color you want from black to pink. In marker, paint, crayon, colored pencil, (etc). If you don't live near Portland then to make this colorful salmon, you can send it to Oregon Climate, or walk over to the salmon and hand it to us at the Pioneer Square on November 14th.

     Me and Jeremy will go around to PPS (Portland Public Schools) and either email your art of science teacher or go to your school directly and talk to you to rise awareness about climate change and the loss of salmon near the coast due to warming seas, and rising sea levels in general. 

     Two years ago a salmon was just like this and had 1,500 cardboard tiles attached to it. This year that salmon will be not even be a sixth of what it will be this year. But the question still stands, will I see your tile at Pioneer Square November 14th? Me and Jeremy will both be speaking at it and we'll want to see a complete 10,000 cardboard piece salmon.


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