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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Planes 10 March 2015 | Posted in News

 Planes are horrible for the environment. For the average American, if their destination becomes more than 80 miles away, most people choose to take a plane. Now, you might think that riding on a plane wouldn’t be so bad. It’s just like riding a bus. If you divide the amount of fuel by the number of people, you can find the approximate amount of fuel produced by each person.

You can do the same with a plane but it still creates a total of 150 g of greenhouse gas  per person per kilometer. That is about half a pound*. Let’s say you are going on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Hawaii. I looked at a map and found out that the distance from Portland to Hawaii is roughly 4000 kilometers. Now if we multiply 4000*150 we get a total of 600,000 g just to get to Hawaii. If we double that because of the flight back, we get an enormous amount of one-million-two-hundred-thousand g per person for the two way flight. Now let’s say there are about 30 people on the plane. To calculate the two way trip, we multiply 30*2 = 60. Then: 60*1,200,000 is a scary amount of 72,000,000 g for a two way trip. That is the CO2 equivalent to 158,732 pounds.

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