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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

This Is How Climate Leaders Should Act 18 January 2015 | Posted in News

The United States president Barack Obama and former president of China Xi have made an agreement to cut down their carbon output. At the moment China has the largest of the entire worlds carbon footprint at approximately 9,860,000 kilotons of carbon made every year and the United States are only four billion behind leaving us in second.

China has realized this for a long time now and finally has agreed to make 20% of there energy clean energy by 2030 and will also stop the growth or emissions by 2030 as well.

The United states are into the deal none the less, hoping to cut 2005s green house gas emissions by 27% in 2025. However by 2030 or 2025 is a long time, especially when now even in Portland Oregon it’s snowing and freezing rain is upon us during November! Climate Change is happening now the sooner we act the sooner things get resolved.


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