Two Green Leaves

Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Speech in Sweden 22 November 2017

While traveling to Sweden as a finalist for the Children’s Climate Prize, we stopped and spoke at an assembly at Globala Globala Gymnopiet, an innovative high school that lowers their carbon impact with all vegetarian meals. Here is a recording of our talk:

And the Winner Is... 14 November 2017

Our work on political activism has made us a finalist for the International Children’s Climate Prize. We will be traveling to Stockholm Sweden to meet the other finalists and the winner for this year: Edgar Edmund Tarimo from Tanzania. We are excited meet everyone and participate in all the activities.

Why I'm a Climate Activist 12 November 2017

So much of the climate debate seems mired in the details: numbers, regulations, statistics, graphs. We become lost in all these details, and we forget to ask ourselves: what does this mean? What does climate change mean for ourselves, our families, our friends, our health, our happiness, our future generations?  I’ve thought about this question for four years since I was in fourth grade.

We've been Writing a Book 13 October 2017

and other updates...

     You've likely noticed the lack of posts for the past couple of months and have wondered why. It's because we have decided to write a book written by the affected generation. As school started and so did sports, we have become busy. While writing the book realized we didn't have time to keep the blog up as well. 

     That's not all. We also got nominated for the international Children's Climate Prize. The judges for the prize recently decided we are one of five finalists across the world that are flying to Sweden to present more about ourselves, so they can chose a winner. This is a huge opportunity for us and we can't wait to meet more climate activists along the way.

~Charlie Abrams and Jeremy Clark

Our Children's Trust is Saving the World 19 June 2017

And giving us hope

Although most kids these days are often quite busy playing soccer, or persistently fidget spinning, some are looking to the future. Not the next day at school, but to their adulthood, when climate change may be irreversible. Specifically, 21 kids aged 9-20 are suing the federal government for not protecting their rights to a healthy climate and stable ecosystem. These youth plaintiffs are part of an organization called Our Children’s Trust, founded by Julia Olsen on August 15, 2015 which happens to be National Youth Day. If they succeed, the federal government will be legally required to take specific actions to decrease carbon dioxide emissions to a safe level. They’ve been gaining the attention of people around the world, and are making some of us believe that a healthy future may not be too far off after all.