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Climate Changes in The Wallowas 20 July 2015 | Posted in News

  Just today I got back from Wallowa Lake in Oregon. I had a really fun time with my family going on hikes and swimming in the lake. I got to see horses on the trails and in their pen or whatever you call it and I even got to float down a rapid from glacier runoff which was so cold that it even earned the name ice creek. Don’t try that at home or anywhere else unless you want to get hypothermia (which I almost did). There was one hike that I had a lot of fun on except for one thing…


  Along with having a blast, we also met a few nice people. One of which we met during our lunch break on the trail. He said that when he was a kid about 20 years ago, you couldn’t get up to Ice Lake (our destination) until August unless you wanted to hike 16 miles in three feet of snow. But yet there we were in direct sunlight where the only place you could find snow or ice was 37,000 feet higher in altitude. Heading back, we met another couple on their horses. While we were petting the horses, I heard one of them say to my dad “It’s hard to think we’re having a drought when there is so much water flowing toward the lake.”

  Climatologists seem to make such a big deal about temperature changes that don’t seem very large but they have reasons. Oregon is one of the slowest warming states in the nation so this just goes to show how small changes in temperature can make very noticeable changes.

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