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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Donald Trump's Executive Actions on Climate Change 9 February 2017

And what it means for America

Welcome to the Trump Era. Over the past two weeks, I’ve still found it difficult to believe that America has elected a narcissist to the most powerful and respected position in the country. The executive actions Trump is currently taking are powerful enough to affect our personal lives and puncture the shield surrounding our natural and basic human rights. As the second largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, and the wealthiest country in the world, America struggles to preserve the environment we live in. With a president who invests in and supports the very companies that inflict damage upon our environment, only time will tell what nature has in store.

In this article, I will be explaining what Donald Trump has done or intends to do regarding the environment and climate change.

What is Palm Oil? 27 January 2017

And why is it so bad?

Many people including myself are concerned about the content of trans fat in the foods we eat on a day to day basis. Not because it harms the environment, but rather because it has many negative side effects such as type 2 diabetes, lowering good cholesterol and raising bad cholesterol, and increasing the risk of a stroke or heart disease. It is such a nasty fat that there is even bans and restrictions from the government concerning it. Our solution was a healthier option called palm oil. Palm oil is grown on the African Palm Oil Tree or the Elaeis guineensis and is mostly grown in Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. It is used in soaps, cosmetics, detergents, margarine and many other places that you might not expect. In fact, it is so widely used that it’s estimated about a half of all supermarket products use a form of it with about 50 million tonnes of it used annually. But although it may be convenient and sometimes delicious, it can be detrimental to our forests, climates, and communities.


What Does Trump's Secretary of State Pick Mean For Our Future? 17 December 2016

It is hard to tell...

After the disappointing results of the election, we are all wondering the same thing: What will a Trump Presidency mean for the future of our climate? Trump has made it extremely clear that he does not support the Paris agreement, a carbon tax, or believes in climate change. As the cabinet picks keep coming, we see the news go crazy over each one. One of his more recent and controversial picks is Rex Tillerson for secretary of state which will be his 3rd billionaire pick (he has already appointed 7 millionaires). Rex Tillerson has been the CEO of Exxonmobil since 1975 and has had a love hate relationship with climate change.

The Biggest Cause of Climate Change That Nobody Talks About 2 June 2016


Have you ever read the “Wait! Don’t bite into that burger!” article? It’s real short; one of our first articles. It is actually the only article we’ve written about animal agriculture, and it’s ten short sentences long. This is how much many environmental organizations care about animal agriculture, which is crazy. I just watched a documentary about animal agriculture, and this is insane: animal agriculture accounts for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Let me say that again: 51%. And nobody has said a word. Why? Wouldn’t this be all over the headlines. Why are only a small fraction of environmental organizations focused on the leading cause of climate change? And what are the other impacts of the meat/dairy industry that society has been hiding?

Top Five Biggest Oil Companies 28 April 2016

And their controversial aspects

Oil companies. No matter what they say, as a general rule of thumb, oil company is the definition of bad (along with climate change, coal factories, coral bleaching, floods, droughts, collapse of the ecosystem, carbon dioxide, etc).  Today, we’re looking at the five biggest oil companies in the world, and we’re trying to break down what they advertise on their website to find the controversial aspects of the company right on their website, something they probably don’t want you to do. The five largest oil companies, smallest to largest are as follows: Petrochina, ExxonMobil, Iranian Oil Company, Gazprom, and Saudi Aramco. These five companies crank out millions of oil barrels per day, and at some point, that’s hard to cover up.