Two Green Leaves

Climate Change from the Affected Generation

How School Testing Correlates To Americas 250th Coal Plant Retiring 22 March 2017

     I saw a video posted by Mark Rober explaining that the school system and how they make you learn, is screwed up. He did an interesting experiment with the goal being to get people to code, so they thought. The goal was actually to see how people perform better with different types of 'coaching' or notifications, so each time you did it wrong it'd either subtract 5 points if you got test A, or say "Try Again" if you got test B. Our schools are based around the idea that each question if wrong gives your score fewer points; which in the study performed the worst.

Controversial Wind Turbines Help Crop Conditions 16 December 2016

     Wind turbines seem to be the most controversial renewable way of generating electricity, however, it also seems to have a lot more controversy in the US. A spokesman for the Trump Organisation, while talking about a proposal for wind turbines near Trump's Scotland golf course said: "The [wind farm] will completely destroy the bucolic Aberdeen Bay and cast a terrible shadow upon the future of tourism for the area." Trump's spokesman is slightly right, wind turbines are large and they have to be put in the right spot. 70 wind turbines were proposed East of Niagara falls amid farms and towns however they were one of the biggest wind turbines in the world, and near small farms, they just wouldn't fit in.

Years Of Living Dangerously 5 December 2016

     Years of Living Dangerously is a new TV show made by National Geographic and Our Climate (Which used to be known as Oregon Climate but expanded). Years Of Living Dangerously is my favorite climate change documentary or TV show I've ever seen. It interviews such a wide range of people from a mayor in Canada to African farmers in Kenya. Jeremy and I are in it for a short scene and Jeremy even has the end of his speech as one of the final clips in the newest episode.

Solar panels powered a whole island 28 November 2016

     Islands are perfect places for renewable energy. They have access to all different forms of power, with a coastal wind, and bright sun, to the shores for tidal generators. Not only do islands have access to all these forms of renewable energy, but to ship oil, coal or diesel is far too expensive. For years this remote island has been using diesel generators but when one generator burns through 300 gallons of fuel per day you can see where a change is needed. Not only do these generators burn through 109,500 gallons of diesel a year but with the chances of the diesel spilling in the long travel seems almost crazy that 600 people would be reliant on this.

A Sidewalk That Makes Its Own Electricity 21 November 2016

     People say the problem with solar energy is that during the night, and during winter they are very inefficient so instead of making a huge battery to store the excess energy during the day, EnGoPlanet is trying something else. They tried to make a 100% green super streetlight, and in doing so came across a great idea.