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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

The Biggest Cause of Climate Change That Nobody Talks About 2 June 2016

Have you ever read the “Wait! Don’t bite into that burger!” article? It’s real short; one of our first articles. It is actually the only article we’ve written about animal agriculture, and it’s ten short sentences long. This is how much many environmental organizations care about animal agriculture, which is crazy. I just watched a documentary about animal agriculture, and this is insane: animal agriculture accounts for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Let me say that again: 51%. And nobody has said a word. Why? Wouldn’t this be all over the headlines. Why are only a small fraction of environmental organizations focused on the leading cause of climate change? And what are the other impacts of the meat/dairy industry that society has been hiding?

My Corvallis Youth Speech 26 May 2016

     Jeremy and I got the chance to speak in Corvallis Oregon tomorrow infront of youth to inspire them, teach them about climate change, and show them that age is no disability. Keep in mind these do go with slides and is a speech so I'm not saying it word for word. Hope you enjoy.

My Current Event Speech 4 May 2016

     For my current event speech in block I chose to do it on the Paris Agreement that recently got signed on April 22nd. I thought I'd share the speech I gave to my school and (keep in mind this went along with a power point), so here it is: 

Top Five Biggest Oil Companies 28 April 2016

Oil companies. No matter what they say, as a general rule of thumb, oil company is the definition of bad (along with climate change, coal factories, coral bleaching, floods, droughts, collapse of the ecosystem, carbon dioxide, etc).  Today, we’re looking at the five biggest oil companies in the world, and we’re trying to break down what they advertise on their website to find the controversial aspects of the company right on their website, something they probably don’t want you to do. The five largest oil companies, smallest to largest are as follows: Petrochina, ExxonMobil, Iranian Oil Company, Gazprom, and Saudi Aramco. These five companies crank out millions of oil barrels per day, and at some point, that’s hard to cover up.


Recommend us for a Ted Talk 25 April 2016

Want to help Two Green Leaves? We want to do a Ted Talk about climate  change, and we need your help. To do a Ted Talk, you have to be recommended, so that’s where you come in: Go to and fill out the speaker recommendation forum. Unfortunately, on the forum, they ask for a lot of information, so here is so here is some information that may not be common knowledge: