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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

The Affected Generation 23 February 2019

You may have noticed that our blog has been quiet lately. We are working on a new project that you can see at the Affected Generation website. After checking it out, join our mailing list and we’ll send information about upcoming events that affect our generation, especially kids local to Oregon in the US.

And the Winner Is... 14 November 2017

Our work on political activism has made us a finalist for the International Children’s Climate Prize. We will be traveling to Stockholm Sweden to meet the other finalists and the winner for this year: Edgar Edmund Tarimo from Tanzania. We are excited meet everyone and participate in all the activities.

We've been Writing a Book 13 October 2017

     You've likely noticed the lack of posts for the past couple of months and have wondered why. It's because we have decided to write a book written by the affected generation. As school started and so did sports, we have become busy. While writing the book realized we didn't have time to keep the blog up as well. 

     That's not all. We also got nominated for the international Children's Climate Prize. The judges for the prize recently decided we are one of five finalists across the world that are flying to Sweden to present more about ourselves, so they can chose a winner. This is a huge opportunity for us and we can't wait to meet more climate activists along the way.

~Charlie Abrams and Jeremy Clark

Lobbying In DC With Citizens Climate Lobby 17 June 2017

     Yesterday I got back from a week long trip on the other side of the country. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity in the sense that Citizens Climate Lobby or CCL raised over one thousand dollars for us to go there. Both Jeremy and I have lobbied in Oregon’s capital Salem multiple times, however, this was our first time lobbying in Washington DC where it can make the largest impact.

Lobbying in Washington DC

How School Testing Correlates To Americas 250th Coal Plant Retiring 30 April 2017

     I saw a video posted by Mark Rober explaining that the school system and how they make you learn, is screwed up. He did an interesting experiment with the goal being to get people to code, so they thought. The goal was actually to see how people perform better with different types of 'coaching' or notifications, so each time you answered a question or task wrong, it'd either subtract 5 points if you got test A, or say "Try Again" if you got test B. Our schools are based around the idea that each question if wrong gives your score fewer points; which in the study performed the worst.