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Years Of Living Dangerously 5 December 2016 | Posted in News

     Years of Living Dangerously is a new TV show made by National Geographic and Our Climate (Which used to be known as Oregon Climate but expanded). Years Of Living Dangerously is my favorite climate change documentary or TV show I've ever seen. It interviews such a wide range of people from a mayor in Canada to African farmers in Kenya. Jeremy and I are in it for a short scene and Jeremy even has the end of his speech as one of the final clips in the newest episode.

     Their newest episode is all about Putting a Price on It. They describe the benefits of taxing carbon pollution and how it has worked in other countries. The current priority of Our Climate is to get a tax on carbon, and fast. Jeremy and I have been apart of Our Climate for over a year now, and everything they do to branch out, and what they do to add other influential youth members continues to surprise and excite us ever since they gave us a call after OPB. 

     Years Of Living Dangerously shows how desperately our country needs a Carbon Price, things probably aren't going to get much better with a Trump Presidency, so if a Tax on Carbon were to start in one state such as Oregon, It could pave the way for other states to join in, and since America needs this so much right now go ahead and sign the petition on Our Climate because if you want our world to prosper, then you will want to make a difference. 

Go watch Years of Living Dangerously right now and sign the petition on Our Climate to make a difference.

~Charlie Abrams

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