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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Earth Day at Duniway 23 April 2016 | Posted in News

     In fifth grade Jeremy and I both went to Duniway Elementary School and today we came back there to speak about climate change directly to the kids and their parents. Jeremy and I had two big projects that we brought there and both were duable for students and kids.

When the people first arrived at our booth they saw a pitcher of blue water and a jar with a photo of the Statue of Liberty taped to the back side of it. The kids would try to guess how high the sea level would rise if Antarctica and Greenland melted. As we poured in the water the anxious kids would say stop usually at the bottom of her dress or low on her waist. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson it would actually go up to her ipad (she's not actually holding an ipad).

    After kids realized that Portland Oregon (where they lived) would be underwater too if that were to happen they wanted to make a difference. So then we brought them to our Make A Difference poster. The poster had two sections; a "For Kids" side and a "For Parents" side, both included personal choices that everybody could do to make a difference. Once they realized that they compost every day! Or that to get to school they bike! They wrote it with a dry erase pen on a plastic cover with underneath a paper that said "I STOP CLIMATE CHANGE BY". The finished product would say I STOP CLIMATE CHANGE BY Taking Shorter Showers and with that we'd take their picture and send it to there parents.

    Recently Jeremy and I have only spoken to adults about climate change, but teaching the students at Duniway was really fun and since a lot of them were younger some didn't even know what climate change was. Besides us there were other stands too, one guy was telling kids about freshwater and how our glaciers are melting. Another one let kids take home some plants and make a terrarium. My favorite though was a bike that when you pedaled blended up a smoothie. Like I said it was really fun and I hope we get invited back next year.

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