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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

My Interview with Charlie and Jeremy 21 April 2016 | Posted in News

     My name is Atticus Tong and I’m 10 years old. I learn Chinese at The International School. I could have learned Spanish or Japanese but I choose Chinese because my mom is Chinese. In 5th grade you go on something called Capstone. Capstone is a trip to a country where the language you are studying is spoken. A few weeks ago I came back from China. In China we went to Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi’an and Beijing. In Suzhou I stayed with a family for a week and went to school with their son. My favorite thing was the terracotta warriors because I’ve never seen so many statues before and that they represented a big part of Chinese history. The thing I didn't like about China was the pollution, we had to wear masks many times because of the smog.

     In 5th grade at The international School, you also get to do something called Exhibition; Exhibition is a project about China, focusing on a specific topic. My topic was Climate Change.  When I was in China, I used my Chinese skills to ask people about what they thought about climate change. In general, the Chinese people had two thoughts about climate change: They don’t know exactly how climate change works (or happens), but they know climate change is making people unhealthy. Their attitudes were a lot simpler than Americans' perhaps because they do not have as much information available to them about the problem.

     When we got back we had to finish work on our Exhibition project Aaron, another student in my group, found out about Charlie and Jeremy and so we interviewed them as part of our project. We learned many facts about climate change. Now I am telling my parents what to do to produce less carbon dioxide. With only 5 days away from our final Exhibition presentation, we are making a Q and A with the questions we asked Charlie and Jeremy so our classmates and parents can see what we learned from kids only one year older than us.  Thanks to them we can have a better Exhibition and we have more to share about climate change.

~ Atticus

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