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Hillary or Bernie? 31 March 2016 | Posted in News

It's a hard descision

Currently, the primary’s of the presidential election are occurring, and about half of the states in America have voted. The only three candidates that believe climate change is real are Clinton, Sanders, and Kasich. We’re going to have to count Kasich out though, because his website says little to nothing about climate change, and he believes the EPA should not regulate emissions. So that brings us down to Bernie or Hillary. They both have great policies and ideas, but which one will be able to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions more? It’s a tough decision, so let’s try and break things down.

Bernie Sanders (Democrat)


Sanders has a full plan of how he will combat climate change on his website. He has three main goals and explains how he will reach them. As president, Sanders promises to:


  • Cut US pollution by 40% by 2030, and 80% by 2050

  • Create 10 million jobs in the solar, wind, geothermal industries

  • Get a carbon tax for the whole nation


How will he achieve these goals?

  • “Ban fossil fuel lobbyists from working in the White House”

  • Stop the advantages that fossil fuel companies get

  • Create a national plan for combating climate change, while keeping the lower income families in mind

  • Stop the Republicans from spreading climate doubt

  • Stop Citizens United, which gives companies including power plants the same rights as humans, which has resulted in things like bribery and blackmail

  • “Keep the fossil fuels in the ground” by making it so that federal land cannot be fracked

  • Ban Arctic drilling

  • Stop pipeline projects

  • Stop exporting crude oils

And so by now you probably get the idea. Bernie Sanders has four kids, and he wants them, and all the other kids in the world to have a safe future with a clean planet. Although I cannot vote, if I could, I would vote for Bernie, because he is focused on the two biggest problems the world has:

  • Poverty

  • Climate Change

As you might know, I wrote a letter to him and sent a donation. The average donation that he gets is $27, and he is very proud of that.


I went to one of his rallies, but I ended up leaving 6 hours before it started because I can’t wait that long. But even standing in the line was inspiring. The group of people there was so diverse, from young to old, black to white, Jewish to Atheist, and straight to gay. I almost regret leaving before it started, because that was the event where Bernie got his new nickname: Birdie Sanders. Currently Sanders is behind in the polls, but he shows no sign of giving up.


My letter to Birdie Sanders:

Birdie Sander’s climate change plan:


Hillary Clinton (Democrat)


Clinton is the frontrunner on the Democratic side, with 1,712 delegates. She was the first lady in the White House for 8 years, and if she gets elected, she will be the first female president, and we will have to find a name for Bill Clinton (first man?). She has a plan of combating climate change on her website as well. Her goals are as follows:

  • Power all homes in America with solar energy by installing 500 million solar panels

  • Cut energy waste by a third

  • Cut oil consumption by a third

How will she reach these goals?

  • Spend 60 billion dollars on a “Clean Energy Challenge”

  • Create jobs for the renewable industry

  • Make it easier to get land for wind and solar

  • Make methane standards to reduce leaking


At this point, we just need a democrat in office. I respect Hillary, and I like her plan, so if she gets into office, I would be a bit bummed, but still happy.


Hillary’s Plan:


John Kasich (Republican)

I looked at his website and he has no intent on solving the issue of climate change, but at least he believes in it.


Ted Cruz (Republican)

Doesn’t believe in climate change.


Donald Trump (Republican)

Same as Cruz.


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