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Climate Toothpaste ~Heidi Cody 25 March 2016 | Posted in News

     Hi! My name is Heidi Cody and I am a visual artist and climate activist. Charlie and Jeremy asked me to blog about my newest project, and I’m excited to share it with you. Climate Toothpaste is a conversation-starter and fundraising tool for climate advocacy groups. 

Climate ToothpasteIt connects people who care but are not active on climate change, to climate groups that need help. It’s not toothpaste (sorry!) It’s an “art object.” It looks familiar, right? That’s because it’s designed to grab attention. Upon close inspection the box is covered with information about climate change. Inside is a brochure that describes climate groups, and how to connect with them.

      I volunteer for Oregon Climate, Citizens' Climate Lobby and CarbonWA, all of which are climate groups trying to pass carbon pricing laws. “Carbon pricing” means attaching a fee or tax to carbon pollution. (It’s free to pollute with carbon now, but carbon is a huge source of greenhouse gases, which causes the planet to warm up, ice packs to melt...all of which are gigantic problems.)

     Carbon pricing can help control climate change. And lots of people say they care about climate change.  Yet Three Boys With Productvolunteering for these groups, I felt frustrated by how few people and how little money is actually helping them. Climate change is a huge, urgent problem: where is the money and where are the people? How can we get more participation on this issue? Unfortunately, most people think they're too busy to deal with it. And climate change is a scary, complicated problem. But the good news is, carbon pricing groups are already working on fantastic solutions. I wanted to offer these groups some extra oomph. But how?

     I decided to merge my art – which has always made fun of consumer culture – with my climate activism, and I made Climate Toothpaste. The idea is simple: raise money and recruit more volunteers with a cool, inexpensive art object that works as a conversation-starter. It’s hard to ignore Climate Toothpaste, and it only costs 8 bucks.

     I crowd-funded the printing of 15,000 toothpaste-sized boxes. Now I am *gifting* Climate Toothpaste to U.S. carbon pricing groups that are working on proactive solutions to climate change. These partner organizations keep all sales proceeds from Climate Toothpaste. So far our partner organizations have been gifted $10,000 worth of Climate Toothpaste to sell. We’re just beginning.

     I also sell Climate Toothpaste on, and I am looking for a couple stores to help me keep the project going. 50% of online sales from go back into the project. When you buy Climate Toothpaste, you help activists who are already working hard on climate change. You also get an eye-popping, low-cost art object that gets people talking about one of our most important issues.

4 Out of 5 Climate Activists Recommend Climate Toothpaste.

     Bonus: Climate Toothpaste is printed in California using wind power, renewable energy credits, and vegetable-based inks. The manufacturer is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

     Climate Advocates do Their Awesome Work. Please Support this Project. Here's how:
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