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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

A Green School 18 January 2015 | Posted in Local Events

For me, school is like my halfway home. That probably means that I use a lot of electricity at school. Even if I had a green house (which I do because my family buys renewable energy from companies) I'm still making a footprint at school. Other than being green, green schools have quite a few advantages. Instead of fluorescent lights, schools can replace them with more windows. After all, students don't work at night. Studies have shown that students concentrate better in natural light that in the artificial light. Some schools (like the one I go to) also have a school green team. The green team inspects the school and finds ways to improve. For every square foot of a green school, that school can save four dollars.

If you are interested in improving a school, a nice book for that would be **Go Green!** by Nancy H. Taylor. She has a whole chapter about green schools and other things like green homes and transportation.


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