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4 Odd Ways of Generating Electricity 27 December 2015 | Posted in News

Going past photovoltaic

When I think of renewable energy, four things pop into my mind instantly:

Hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and photovoltaic.

But there are some more out there that you might not have heard of. Today we're listing 4 unpopular ways of generating electricity. Please comment on your favorite method!

#1: Shoe Generator

Yep, that's right! You can generate electricity by walking your dog. How cool is that?! This was invented by a fifteen year old with hopes of winning google's 2014 science fair. He says it's just a little science experiment to show how even little things like walking can get you enough energy to power an ipod! He obviously doesn't mean it to be used seriously, but I think that if this got on the market, he could rake in some money. I'm quite fond of this invention for three reasons. First of all, I like how it was invented by just a 15 year old, rather than some super genius engineer. Secondly, I like how it's not a shoe, but rather: A shoe sole. This way you can simply slip the sole in rather than getting a shoe just for energy. And lastly, I think that this could be a great incentive to walk places rather than drive. If somebody ever mentions the shoe generator, you can say that Two Green Leaves approved.

#2: Reused Car Energy

You might not believe this, but a while ago, I actually thought of this. Unfortunately, the car companies beat me to it. The general idea of reused car energy is to not create energy, but use it more efficiently. The car energy works by placing extra motors into the car. These motors are not intended to move the car though... Instead, they are used as generators: The opposite of a motor! Because I took a robotics class in elementary school, I know that a motor being spun by something other than it's own energy will actually create energy! We tested this idea by hooking up a light emitting diode (LED) to the motor and then spinning it. As expected, the LED actually lit up! You might be wondering why if we have this generator hooked up to the car why it can't just reuse the energy over and over again. Well, it's because of a simple law of physics that states energy cannot be created or destroyed. So that means that we can use energy more efficiently, but cannot create endless energy by a small amount of it. But despite this disadvantage of physics, many hybrid car designs are using this today!

#3: A New Windmill?!

I found out about this new design when I visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). At that time I think they were doing an environmental exhibit. The thing that interested me the most was the windmill centre. It had three different prototypes to windmills that actually worked on the small scale. The first windmill was one of those real old fashioned farm windmills. Next came the modern one and finally came the new windmill. Each were hooked up to LEDs and there was a tiny fan that could blow stuff. If you turned on the fan, you could compare the efficiency of each windmill design just by looking at the brightness of the light. The new windmill was not only the brightest, but also the most consistent. The first two windmills were only able to produce energy if the wind was blowing in a certain way. But the new one could work from ANY direction of wind. ANY DIRECTION!!!! Crazy, right? I'm hoping this design becomes used soon.

#4: CSP Power Tower

CSP stands for concentrating solar power. But this is a broad term. The type of CSP I'm talking about is the power tower: The coolest possible name you could ever have for a renewable energy design. The power tower gets the energy that is transformed into electricity from a whole bunch of mirrors. I mean, like: A LOT OF MIRRORS! And they all reflect this solar energy onto a giant glass of water. All of the energy actually boils the water to a Fahrenheit temperature of over 1000 degrees! The steam from the water is caught in turbines which spin around to make electricity. The reason you've probably never heard of the power tower is simply because it's not consistent. If the sky is cloudy or it's really cold outside, the power tower just doesn't work. But not all hope is lost because some scientists are trying to figure out the ideal place for a power tower by using data from weather stations and satellites.

Remember: please comment on your favorite odd way of generating electricity.



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