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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Climate Change 10 December 2015 | Posted in News

     For extra credit on an assignment my science teacher asked if I could write a report on the scientific proof of climate change being real and why people think so, and why people think otherwise. We haven't wrote something like this article in a while so I think it'll be good just to understand the point of all of this and why we're doing it.

     So scientists have had the idea of climate change since 1896, Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) thought that all these fossill fuels could lead to mass heating of the climate and extreme tempature changes. he and Thomas Chamberlin thought that there could be a 5 degree increase if we kept on this track. Their idea was forgotten for a while because most people thought the ocean would suck up any green house gases, they also believed that water vapor was the most important greenhouse gas and everything else wouldn't make a difference compared. Now a lot of this is true, water vapor is the strongest greenhouse gas, but now that there is so much carbon dioxide  it has became the least harmful in it's now small quantity. Second the ocean can absorb green house gases but not as much as they had once thought, this also leads to acidic oceans, which has Jeremy has previously said in an article, is bad.

     To abbreviate the next century or so people began to think global cooling was happening,  that idea was soon rejected as the current graphs at that time were going up, instead of down like they predicted. Almost every scientist soon agreed on the idea of climate change, and now we rank 97% of scientists believing in climate change, and only 3% not because it's becoming a more studied topic. 

     The reason some people don't "agree" with climate change happining is either by infuense of other people saying otherwise, or becasue their buisnesses relies on something that could potentially cause climate change. The reason I think this is because to everyday know that what your doing isn't helping and just making things worse for everybody, is hard to live with. 

     Besides just believing in scientists and trusting someone you know nothing about just getting grouped as a "scientist" can also make climate change something harder to believe. To trust the majority can be smart or not. If you trust the majority of scientists, than that could lead you to the truth, but trusting the majority of scientists or people in the fossill fuels, oil and coal industries could lead to wrong information, or not wrong but hidden if that makes sence. 

     The point of this article wasn't just for Mr. Hall, it was to show that two man believed in something that no one else did. They thought that what everybody in the world was doing was going to cause the whole Earth to heat up and dramaticly change. Those two people thought of something that soon would be huge, they were right and missed the part of our history were everyone started to hear about this, if they were alive today I would thank them, and I still look up to them for being the one out of a billion people to believe in themselves.


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