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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

"Nature produces more emissions than we do" 9 August 2015 | Posted in News

   This is a common skeptic argument but for once they're almost right...

Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves and think that Jeremy is a climate skeptic because first of all, I'm not and secondly, they are jumping to conclusions. When most people hear that, they automatically think that climate change is natural but greenhouse gasses are natural. And vital. If we didn't have any, we would probably freeze. But nature is aparently smarter than we are and maintains a healthy balance for all living things. If we tinker with that perfect balance, the dominoe effect takes place and all of a sudden we're living in a junkyard.

   Andrew E. Dessler, the author of the Introduction to Modern Climate Change explains in a two frame comic strip humans perspective of nature in the 19th century compared to now. Pretty much said that people in the 19th century saw nature as something that could extinguish you with the swipe of a hand. Now we pretty much think that nature can't really hurt us and that we can destroy it and build cities and not have respect for it and it won't really hurt us. But in reality, even with the most advanced technology, nature will eventually catch up with us and our perspective is just us lying to ourselves. We can't mess with that balance.


Sorry that this article was so short, I just wanted to get my point across. :)

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