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Save The Lichen! 19 June 2015 | Posted in News

We Need Them

    Lichen. They've done fine in the vaccum of space, and they might have been the mana the Israels' found in the desert. But whats far worse than space and the desert, is air pollution.  Lichen are very sensitive to air pollution and they can allmost be detectors for it, they're so sensitive that (as James Lendemer put it) 'They've been the canary in the coal mine singing for all these years'.

    Besides losing habitat because of deforestation, which lately has been a large loss, lichen have been dying because of pollution like I said. James and his friend Jessica Allen went to the appalachian Mountains to predict what speices wouldn't make it in 70 years or so, and 90-100% would die or lose their habitat. They're likely to go extinct mainly because of mountaintop extinction. Which potentially can impact a lot of biodiversity world wide. 

   Species can often and are forced to climb to higher cooler elevations, to escape the heat, but lichen at the very top can't go anywhere, their stuck. For multiple reasons their dying and this is a really big deal and will happen really fast, like Jeremy's article he wrote, there is delayed global warming and it will "get bad". So losing a lot of lichen is horrible if you're thinking like a Lichenologist, but most people aren't, and don't know the consequences.

    Once again i'd like to thank The Adaptors for giving such wonderful information so I can write these articles.

                                                                  ~ Charlie


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