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Climate Change from the Affected Generation

Front Page Climate Change 28 January 2015 | Posted in News

Climate Change has hit the head lines, and one of its targets is Iowa. A grim estmate came out when the corn, wheat and soybeans were drying up more commonly. People are STILL skeptic, and I don't like it and I don't think anyone else would dissagree if they new the facts.

The estimate was that in maybe 2100, 85% of corn soybean and wheat will drop due to the heat coming sooner, and the cold lasting longer. So when I have my kids, 12 Billion dollars will be lost and because people don't belive the facts. This mayhem from Iowa only will be a small fraction of what will happen the not so distant future unless your one of those who are still thinking that we have time and that you shouldn't care about helping because less than one century, is not worth your time.


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