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Wait, Don't Bite Into That Burger! 18 January 2015 | Posted in Climate 101

Do you know how much greenhouse gas a *burger* produces?! All of the greenhouse gas emissions that every SUV in the United States are less than the cows we produce. It all starts at the farm where the cows take a dump. Their manure releases a tremendous amount of methane. This is the main source of the methane but there are many other smaller ones such as shipping, packaging, and fertilizers for the grain.

All of that cow meat needs to be shipped to every restaurant that makes burgers. On average, the restaurant probably uses that supply in about a week. That means that a truck has to drive to the restaurant and back to the farm every week for all of the restaurants and farms in the world. This adds faster than you would think. We need to change the way we're processing food now days.


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Maggie Lewis, on 03-04-’15 20:42

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