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Donald Trump's Executive Actions on Climate Change 9 February 2017 | Posted in News

And what it means for America

Welcome to the Trump Era. Over the past two weeks, I’ve still found it difficult to believe that America has elected a narcissist to the most powerful and respected position in the country. The executive actions Trump is currently taking are powerful enough to affect our personal lives and puncture the shield surrounding our natural and basic human rights. As the second largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, and the wealthiest country in the world, America struggles to preserve the environment we live in. With a president who invests in and supports the very companies that inflict damage upon our environment, only time will tell what nature has in store.

In this article, I will be explaining what Donald Trump has done or intends to do regarding the environment and climate change.

America has elected a president who knows almost nothing about climate change, and only wishes to make executive decisions that benefit himself and only appeals to his supporters.


“I will tell you this: Clean air is vitally important, Clean water – crystal clean water – is vitally important. Safety is vitally important.” - Donald Trump


To start, let’s talk about the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21). Donald Trump stated during a rally that he would “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement. Unfortunately, there are many ways that he could do this. He could get a vote from congress to pull out, which would inevitably happen because of the climate change denying majority. If for some reason he did not get the vote in congress, he could pull out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which would automatically cancel the Paris Climate Deal. Even if he did not do that, he could simply ignore the commands of the deal; as there are no official consequences for not complying with the rules. If he did pull out of the agreement, there is no doubt that several countries would be outraged. Even worse, if the United States pulls out, other countries will do the same because they will be spending more resources than earning from the deal. Speaking of the United Nations, Trump has also stated that he wishes to cut off funding for the United Nations for climate change. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Trump plans to make changes not only in foreign policies for climate change, but also changes within America. As many of us know, Donald Trump wishes to abolish several different governmental agencies including the “DEP” (Department of Environmental) which has never existed in the history of America. But the EPA does not have a bright future. Trump has appointed the attorney general of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt. Pruitt has made it one of his goals to dismantle or weaken the EPA significantly. He has sued the EPA twice; once for their clean power plan, and the second time for their recent plan to reduce methane emissions. Trump has micromanaged environmental agencies so much that the National Parks Service has made an alternative twitter feed so they are not forced to say things against their will. The EPA will soon not have a climate change section on their website, as does


The long fought fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Keystone XL Pipeline is also over. Both projects have now resumed.


But the funniest part is that Donald Trump called himself an “environmentalist” while putting in place his plans about auto regulations and pipelines while meeting with three different auto company CEO’s. We’re in for a hell of a ride guys.




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