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Controversial Wind Turbines Help Crop Conditions 16 December 2016 | Posted in News

     Wind turbines seem to be the most controversial renewable way of generating electricity, however, it also seems to have a lot more controversy in the US. A spokesman for the Trump Organisation, while talking about a proposal for wind turbines near Trump's Scotland golf course said: "The [wind farm] will completely destroy the bucolic Aberdeen Bay and cast a terrible shadow upon the future of tourism for the area." Trump's spokesman is slightly right, wind turbines are large and they have to be put in the right spot. 70 wind turbines were proposed East of Niagara falls amid farms and towns however they were one of the biggest wind turbines in the world, and near small farms, they just wouldn't fit in.

         The other reason why wind turbines are controversial is because of bird deaths. They kill up to 10,000 birds annually, but that is only a 10,000th of what windows kill annually. I think we should ban windows before we start banning wind turbines.  

      Besides the two reasons I just listed; They don't look pretty, and they kill a 20,000th of the amount cats do annually, wind turbines have a lot of pros. Climate change is making grapes moister, therefore rotting more, and the same goes for other crops. A new study found that wind turbines can reduce moisture by the air turbulence they produce, making more money for the farmers and less for their electricity bill. 

     If we can just figure out how to smartly place wind turbines then I'm sure we can overcome their look. Even if people say wind turbines look ugly they look better than a town with no electricity and far better than a coal power plant anywhere.


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